Fibromyalgia Action UK

Hi everyone:) How are you all?

I didn't even know this was all changing,seems like it's caused a lot of stress. I've got on here no probs. how is everyone? I'm sitting out in my front garden,can't sit in my back garden because of the kids next door,the little one just screams and screams so I'm hiding out here. It's really been getting me down,feels like we are all living in one house to be honest. Still they have to listen to my son and his noise on his Xbox so fairs fair lol. But he doesn't scream like a banshee. I'm so noise sensitive,something I know is common in fibromites.

How's everyone coping with the heat? I've got a stomache from hell,huge ibs flare which are making things a bit hard. Am trying to cut out eating wheat then I goand cook a chicken risotto for tea! Where is my head at? But I do like this weather don't get me wrong,it just doesn't like me.

Anyway I hope things settle down on here soon.xxxx


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