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Communities (next to Home), click on it and choose FibroAction - Helpful Hints for this page

On this page on the Blue bar you will see a Home Icon, Questions, Posts, Polls, Members & About Us.

Home Icon (not Home on green bar) brings you back to this page from say submitting a post or question

Questions - Click on questions, then ask a question, add the details of your question and submit

Posts - Click on Posts, then fill in your post , add the details of your post and submit

Polls - Click on Polls to see recent poll, pie chart, your vote and responses underneath

Members - Click on Members , shows a list of members then use the search bar to find a


About us - This contains information about FibroAction, the UK Charity (soon to be


What we do .... Who we are ..... Website

From your name

Between Communities & Support the drop down menu takes you to the following

Profile, Messages, Email Preferences, Account & Log Out

Support provides information from HealthUnlocked

2 Replies

This is all ridiculous and VERY STRESSFUL,my windows phone isnt allowing me to access fibroaction whatsoever,i keep getting locked out and not being recognised at all and asked to join and sign up,which i can not do as i am ALREADY joined,i have had an awful day Emma,very distressed and upset,i feel lost and totally disconnected,its rubbish! i will be leaving i cant communicate with my friends on fibro action via my phone so whats the point!!!i am sat here crying my eyes out,feel so ill,stress is not good for any of us. please help Emma i dont know what to do Love Della xxx


Hello Della,

I have just seen your reply. Can members please message me privately as I am trying to write explanation posts as we speak

Please Private Message me or alternatively email me at

Emma xx


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