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appointments appointments appointments!!!

today has been freezing and i ache all over. partner is unreasonable and cant understand why i want to stay at home in the warmth instead of driving six miles across city in rush hour traffic to see him!!!!!

anyhow, appointments today for hearing services ( im now hard of hearing aswell) and needed to get more hearing aid batteries.... not as easy as you would think considering the mardy madam on the front desk who asked a dozen questions and then said "im afraid i cant issue you with batteries, we dont have any"..... so tv will be on super loud this evening!!!!

saw my OT, a lovely lady and one who believes me when i say "on a scale of one to ten, i started at four, but after the walk to hosp to come and see you its now near nine"... she has a great sense of humour and makes me laugh. i got loads of advice and tried out some aids that will help me in my day to day life, she was also supportive as she had searched the net and got me the cheapest prices of some of the items i need the most.

then i walk back from the hospital and the posties been...... my blue badge application pack has arrived ( not hopeful that i will meet criteria but i will defo be bloody applying)... ive got four other apps for hospital stuff...... safe to say my boss wont be happy. Oh dear!

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Your boss may not be happy but we are now covered by what was the DDA so there is nothing they can do about it. I have found my OT and Physio to be the best help there is. I did not get any assistance from the specialist nurse when asked, my GP is a total flake and the rheumy consultant is hit and miss. Explain to your boss that with the help you are getting you can keep you work up to the required standard :)


thanks christineElse. x


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