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I'm new here...Fibro sucks

I never realised how many other people were putting up with the same symptoms as me. I hate this pointless condition, it doesn't make sense to be in pain all the time without any real reason, I don't understand it at all. I was told by my physio and GP that I have Fibro last year. The worst symptom for me is the constant throbbing, aching pain in my legs, from my hips to my knees, just hurts 24/7, oh and waking up every morning feeling like I've had the cr*p kicked out of me lol

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Totally understand how you feel, mine is my shoulders, sometimes cant even move them in the morning to get dressed without almost keeling over. It is nice to know that you are not alone.... Just wish people that didnt have the condition could understand it better.



Aw bless you :( My shoulders were awful and I had an MRi on both, result was a letter telling me I had severe osteoarthritis in both, but the right was worse, they operated within 5 weeks of the letter. The pain was ten times worse for nearly a year after surgery. I ended up on morphine and a horrible prescribed heroin substitute. I was backwards and forwards to the surgeon and in the end he didn't know what to do with me, I slammed the morphine down on his desk and told him to cut my $*£*&%* arm off because I couldn't bear the agony anymore. He transferred me to another hospital where I was told I didn't have any OA! the surgeon still operated, as it was the only way to see what had gone so wrong. He removed more of the joint, repaired my rotator cuff muscle, removed a lot of floating bits of bone (!!) and I also had an abcess in there!! All I know is that the first surgeon messed my shoulder up good and proper. The second hospital just improved things but my shoulders will never be right now. This all happened two years before I was diagnosed with Fibro. I agree...people need to be made more aware of the condition. I wqould like to see someone who specialises in Fibro but I'm not sure there is such a person. I keep hoping deep down that the chronic pain 24/7 in my legs is due to the OA in my hips. I had an x-ray a couple of years go that showed these bone spurs. I try not to let it get me down, I'm determined not to let it win lol :)


my pain varies so it an all over pain, i had to go through every dept in hosp before i was told the last one rhemogist confirmed it, so far it stolen 18 yrs off my life, like us all we would give anything for one day of no pain


Having physio will make it worse. Seeing your GP, they will only prescribe anti-dpperessants as this helps to numb the pains. I don't like filling my body with drugs, especially as I am also diabetic so I am already taking enough pills.

I take stuff from my Forever living Products range for my fibro and feel much better for it. Not sure if this allowed but here is the link


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