Well, what a rubbish start to the day. I slept through my alarm and missed my fibro clinic appointment and now I cant for the life of me remember where I put the card with the telephone number on to ring and explain!

Everything hurts and Im so tired all I want to do is go back to bed but the last couple of nights have been so painful its given me nightmares, the most imaginitive one being spiders eating my knees from the inside then erupting out of my skin!

Think I'll have another cuppa and try to do a bit :s

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  • Doh, this bloody brain fog, Switchboard, of course!

  • OMG A Fibro Clinic!!!! Didn't know they existed :-O

  • Its at my local hospital. I dont know where you are but its worth asking your GP if there is one in your area. It does help, if only to meet people in the same boat.

  • Really a fibro clinic at a hospital? Which are is that in?

  • I mean area? Sorry get my words mixed up as well just another fibro thing lol

  • Dont worry about it :) Its Kingsmill hospital, Sutton in ashfield, notts. My consultant rhumatologist refered me.

  • I hope your day got better!


  • It did thanks Louise09. I went back to bed, lol

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