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hi i am on butrans patchers they work for me but for the first week or so i was sick to the point i could not drink water and eat but now it makes my life easyer but still have pain but not as bad as it was i was on 10 microgram/hour then my doc put me on 20 microgram/hour but now im on 10 again as its marks my body but i would say to any one as long as im out of pain i dont care about it marking my body hope this helps

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Hiya, i too am on the patches, and towards when the patch needs changing i find it very itchy especially in the centre of the patch, when i take it off im left with

a very sore rash, plus im running out of places to put them x


ya me too thats what i fine but they work they do it in a pill as well but not sure if to take it as i would look like im a smack rat as i did when i starterd on the patch i dont want that as i did that for 7 years then came off it iv been clean now for 10 years smack that is


hi i am on patches 20 microgram/hour doc put them up to 25 but made me very sick,had to go back down . think i am getting imune to them not working now ! dont no wot next as my liver dont like me taking pills :-(


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