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Let the waiting game commence

Hi all

I hope you are all doing okay and the weather has not been too much for any of you.

Anyway like i said in my last blog, i had a lovely lady called Sharon from DIAL help me complete my DLA forms on Monday morning, there have now been sent off, so the waiting game begins lol. Sharon has phoned me back today to see if i am okay and to say has soon has i hear anything i must contact her, because if i get it she will help me further with other things i may be able get or if i dont she will help me appeal it, but she did say because i am already in the Esa support group which i have been in since Oct of last year after attending a medical with the wonderful not ATOS, they sent me a review form in Feb so i completed this & returned it thinking i would have to have another medical but i didnt thank the lord lol. Do i stand a good chance of getting it like Sharon says , what are your opinions on this ?????? either way any feed back will be greatly received.

Gentle hugs & love sent to each & everyone of you xxx

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Hi there,I think you have a good chance of getting it.Dial also helped me to fill out my form and I originally got awarded the low rate to begin with.However,as my fibro got worse I had to seek help from social services and they arranged for someone from the cab to come round my house to fill out another claim as they felt I should be getting the higher rate as my fm was severe.I then got awarded the high rate care and mobility.I wish you all the luck with your claim x


Thank you so much haribo36 for your response, its all just a bit confusing for me at the moment has its all new to me but i am sure i will get there in the end. Its nice to know social services are there to help if i ever need to call on them. once again thank you and gentle hugs are sent to you x


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