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dr dr why wont you help me

honestly the drs i have had just dont have a clue when it comes to needing antibiotics they are brilliant but when it comes to my medical condition fm they dont have a clue the amount of drugs i have been put on amertripeline (gave bad nightmares) co-codamal done nothing, and they actauly think that paracetamol is a gd pain killer hahahah (for a headache yes) i could name more but i dont have the space lol. it is days like today when i need the pain killers everywhere is screaming out in pain but no what i have dont even touch it sigh. after a really bad day where i decided i really could not take anymore i went to the dr they gave me more useless pain killers but did give sleeping tablets (only allowed to take for seven days) so now bk to not sleeping they said that they refer bk to hospital as a matter of urgency get the appointment though and its not for flaming two mouths whats the point in that? i need to someone in the next week it is so frustrating (sorry rant over) so this is where i am at the moment sitting on the sofa in massive pain and cold not helping :( oh well just another fm day :)

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thank you i hope tat the case i really need to see someone (dont we all) :)


Please make sure you go to any and all appointments made because they are more likely to take you seriously. Note when and where everything happens [diary is a good idea] I know it sounds a bore but it is important as it is gathering evidence. Also let them know you are available for cancellations at short notice - sometimes people do let them know they cannot make it. If you cannot, could you do the same as it could benefit someone else in your situation? Thanks.

Were you given co-codamol or co-dydramol? I have the second and its much better than the first.

Anti-biotics are separate from your FM, thats when you have an infection and all meds must be taken in full or you can develop a problem when they no longer work for you. I did pay attention and you were not talking about them, but just in case.

I know this is a hateful illness. I have it too and sympathise. Ask for second opinions if you are not happy, take someone else to help you make a note of what is said, make a note of everything you want to say - you will forget its part of FM so don't be embarrassed, its actually helpful to them too.

Keep a note of medications you are on, and when to take them and follow the courses as some take time to take effect and some have side effects if you finish to fast. Watch for side effects for any new medications and note these down too - see your doctor about them and take your notes.

I hope you get sorted out really fast. My friend got me Fibromyalgia for Idiots and it has information which is quite useful. Don't forget depression is also one of our problems so try not to slip into that and accept you are ill. Don't overtax yourself - that will make you worse not better.

Take care. Soft hugs.


thank you i was on both co- tablets and did nothing, my dad looking to private fybro clinic but went to see dr today and going push appointment forward :) i have just started a symptom and feeling dairy but can never seem to keep to them have already tried three times i think it is more the hand writing then the doing it as writing is very uncomfortable and brings on a lot of pain with my arthritis. when i go to the hospital i will defo make a note of medication and symptoms that have been on and been happening thank you gentle hug to u xxx


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