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Does anyone else have this problem that there money just does not arrive with no word of why, or warning and when you phone they still have no reason that they didnt pay you its like i dont matter they dont understand that living on esa is very difficult it not like we are paid that much , Did not ask to get fibro and would gladly get rid of it if i could , Sorry all just had a few very bad days and really could have done with this

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I have the same problem every time they stop my ESA, it takes weeks to get payments started again. You have to appeal and get a medical cert to get paid at the assessment rate. It would be no fun if they warned us in advance to prevent this from happening, that's all part of the game to get you to sign off ESA.


I had that initially when placed in the WRAG . Once I got a permanent advisor at A4e this problem stopped . My advisor has to fill in a section that goes to DWP every time we meet , this allows me to receive my ESA payment . Previously an advisor had told me not to go into office as I was too unwell , that she would phone me and have meeting via phone , she was off sick no phone call, so I phoned the office they marked down I had called but never attended ( as advised) so the section the advisor fills in hadn't been submitted and my ESA would be stopped . I had 6 different advisors in the first few months until the one I have now whom does all chats by phone and fills in section that I have done what I needed to do to qualify for the following weeks payment . ??????could it maybe be something like this .?


Not ESA but mine and my sons DLA even though we applied at totally different times of the year and in different years we both used to get paid the same time every month .. Now after our last renewal I get mine the beginning of the month my son gets his the end of the month ... No notification no reason ... But I am still grateful we get it :)

VG x


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