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Help and advice needed please!

I posted a blog a while ago about some lesions that had appeared firstly on my scalp and then spreading over my legs, arms, intimate areas, armpits and now trunk. I then developed ulcers in my mouth and on my tongue which are extremely painful andante eating difficult.

My lovely gp gave me creams and antibiotics and when the lesions just kept getting worse he called in a favour and asked a dermatologist friend I his to have a look at me urgently. Just one week later I saw the consultant and after examining me said he thought it was lichen planus. I am going to have a biopsy done to be sure either way and he gave me some information on this condition as i hadn't heard of it.

He has also asked me to stop taking gabapentin just in case it is caused by them although most of the time it is caused by the body's autoimmune system starts attacking itself.

I have been feeling very unwell in myself for months now which is why I rarely post on here anymore....I'm just too tired and poorly to do much anymore and after much probing on the Internet last night I was not in the least bit suprised to discover that it can go band in hand with lupus.

I don't know where to go from here now. Do I mention this to my gp or do I wait for the biopsy results and go from there?

Does anyone have any more information on this please or any experience of this condition? I would appreciate any replies offered. Xx

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ive never heard of it myself hun but i will googgle it but if i were u i wud go bak to yr doc n tell him wot u know n wot u have seen on internet n ask him for blood tests good luck xx


Hi Charlii,

The biopsy will indicate if lupus is involved, so you will at least know what's going on. The treatment will be pretty much the same in any case - usually steroids to begin with,

I'm so sorry you are troubled with this, and hope you will be better soon.

Moffy x


Given your symptoms have a look at Behcets Syndrome. Ulcers in the mouth and down below are the main symptoms but it also has lots of others too including pain and fatigue.

If your GP agrees that it may well be that there are now three Centres of Excellence opened up where you see a multi disciplinary team of specialists. Good Luck.



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