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Got so upset over weekend so back to the Dr's today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone I went to the Dr today because fed up with all this getting worse.....told Dr it can't always be down to Fibro as I can't do anything now....but it is different to fibro,at least you get a flare and eventually feel a bit better and able to live some sort of life.

Hooray!!! he listened and checked me out and has decided that the pain I had in my head 14 months ago could have been a bleed, so got to have a brain scan. If that comes back OK he will then get me seen by a Neuroligst ( Sorry spelling not good ) all sounds pretty scary but to be honest I just need to know. He actually realised that I was worse since he saw me at home last week!

He has also upped my Amitriptyline to relax my muscles a bit more as I have arms that look like I work out....but they never switch off, and they ache x

Just thought I would keep you all up to date.

Hope every one is staying safe in this blistering heat, :-)

Rainbow hugs ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Hi rainbow dancer. I have just been through the same thing, everything getting worse and the doc looks at me as if iam a lier, then I let rip last week and now waiting to see the neurologist. Good luck to you hope you have a pain free evening x


I am so pleased you went back to the doctors and a result he is taking you seriously. I hope everything turns out okay. In the mean time try and stay cool and relax xgins


So pleased for you that you're finally being listened to. Hope you don't have to wait too long for appointments, you're on your way to finding out what's going on.

Take care and stay calm.

Is x


Hi rainbow you hold in there your doing well, and taking each step. The most important thing is what you have done, trying to seek help you need and don't you stop until you are satisfied. You will feel proud of yourself when you see what you have achieved in the end. Soon you will be looking back on this. All the best of luck with it all, keep in touch, gentle fibro hugs. xx


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