Liason Psychiatry? Has anyone else been referred by their Consultant?

After over 3 years of suffering from Fibromyalgia and something called 'Functional Weakness' my Neurologist referred me to Liason Psychiatry & Neuro-Physiotherapy. Since this has happened I have got so much worse whilst waiting for appointments. My walking is more restricted than ever and I am in so much pain! The doctor at LP said "Don't worry, we are not saying your pain is in your mind." I have been told I will be going to the physiotherapy section where 'mental health' staff will help restore my mobility (Physio & OT). Apparently this will help me cope with the effect's of my condition:-)

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  • I am wondering if this is similar to the Pain Management for fibromyalgia. You work with a physiotherapist, Occupational therapist and a clinical psychologist. If it is the same then I found it was worht doing.


  • Hiya, it does sound the same, I'm a little sceptical at the moment but we will see how things progess. Definitely need Something to help with the pain. It's supposed to empower me to be able to better cope with my condition(s). It's so much better than doing nothing for me, like when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia:-)

  • I was very sceptical myself but was told I could try it and if it didn't work, I could stop without any hard feeling either side. It did help me because they believed that fibromyalgia existed and that help was needed in coping with it. Give it a try. I won't lie and say it sorted everything out for me but it did help on many levels.

    Gentle hugs


  • Thank you Jilly, I will try to update on progress after I've started the treatment:-) Gentle hugs. Mike xxxx

  • If you look at psychiatric or psychological help as a means of coping and managing your condition it may be helpful. Neurologists and psychologists should be working and any illness us bound to affect one psychologically. This doesn't mean your illness is all in your mind.

  • I think the main thing I got from my experience was comfirmation that it wasn't all in my mind, that FMS was real. That helped me enormously. The coping skills, the CBT were also helpful. I struggle badly with pacing as an ex ballet dancer I tend to want to get back to fit yesterday and the giving up dance has been my hardest battle. It was nice the the clinical psychologist really understood how I felt.

    Hope it goes will for you mikeymoo and I'll be looking forward to your update and what you think of this approach.

    Gentle hugs


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