Vitamin D3 reduces my FM symptoms

've been taking calciun & vitamin D tablets for about 4 years, due to low calcium levels, & age. My inability to do exercise, & erratic diet due to low income, made me concerned about developing osteoporosis. I also eat D fortified soya milk, & other soya products which are supposed to aid calcium absorption. However, a blood test a 4 months ago flagged up both calcium & vitamin D deficiency, which surprised me as I thought I was taking over the RDA.

When I checked the labels, I found almost all the supplements I use contained D2, ergocalciferol, which is not absorbed as well as D3, colecalciferol. D3 is closer to the natural form produced by the effect of sunlight on the body. I'm like a dormouse, & have rarely been out for years, so have little chance of getting any sunlight.

I've now been taking D3 supplements for about 3 months, & recently swapped to calcium with D3. I feel a less achey, even taking summer temperatures into account, less fatigued, & generally better than I've felt for years, even well enough to venture out a few times a week.

My new GP said he has since prescribed D3 to 50 other patients with FM symptoms, & said many have reported feeling better. He also advised me eat healthy oils (nuts etc,) & to avoid vegetable oils as they cause inflammation in the body, though I've since read good quality organic oils are ok to use, if you need to.

A book I've been reading by Philip Weeks suggests avoiding gluten altogether, for neurological disorders, which is next on my things to try.

Hope this helps other people.


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  • Glad you have found something that helps ... I went gluten free and it didnt help hope you have better luck


  • Thanks!

    Did you do it for long enough?

    I feel better if I don't eat wheat, but haven't gone completely gluten free yet;

    The D3 definitely helps, so I'll try anything else/


  • hi i am gluten free for years it hasnt helped either pinkribbons

  • Three months and it just didnt do anything except make me crave food with more taste ... Nothing gluten free tastes as good's edible and if you were bought up on it it would be easy to maintain but after three months of no improvement it was so nice to go back to real bread

    Vg x

  • I think this is a real example that one size does not fit all. Gluten free helps me , though I agree with you about the taste..I cheat from time to time because of it.....but the extra VitD3 made no real difference at all.

  • Lucky you, I've been taking calcium with D3 from the Dr for years and they don't seem to do much for me, as you say everyone is different, I do hope they continue to help you, good luck :-)

  • Thanks!

  • I had my vit D levels raised from 13 to 40 by having my parathyriod removed as it was blocked with calcium I feel a bit better as my bones dont hurt so much .. Please please have bloods taken before self prescriping supplements . I took magnesuim and calcuim and it threw all my levels all over the place . Hence needing the op.

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