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Does anyone else out there, suffer with TGA [ Transient Global Amnesia ] and if so, what form does it take with you ?

Hi all. Among many other things I suffer with TGA, which is awful. I have learnt over the yrs to be able more less to know when this is about to happen, but it is quite frightening if you are not really aware of what is happening to you For me it started back in the 90s when it was thought I was having mini strokes [ TIA ] but then I went to live in Portugal, and sometime after, had my first real attack. I had jumped in the pool with all my clothes on, then later went shopping and bought a dress etc., Later that night we went to a charity do, and I developed a terrible headache, so we went home. I decided to go to bed, but had to get up to go to the loo, I was then sick and had the runs, and was feeling decidedly `not with it` and thought I was going to pass out,I called my husband, and then knew no more until about 14 hours later. Apparently, I then went into a sort of awake coma where I was just asking silly questions and repeating the same thing over and over again [ I obviously don`t remember any of this, but my husband just went along with whatever I said all night, until I started to come out of it next morning, poor love didn`t know what was going on, but had the sense to keep answering me ]anyway the next morning when I started to come out of it, I thought I had been dreaming, but was absolutely stricken with terror, when I realised it had`nt been a dream as the dress I thought I had bought in my dream, was hanging on the chair in the bedroom, and I had actually jumped in the pool, it took quite a long time for me to come round, as I was very tired[ and so was my husband ] but it started to happen more and more frequently, and in the end we came back to London and went to a Neurologist, who when my husband started to explain what had been happening, knew straight away what it was. He then tole me that because I had been taking syndol for the past 2 yrs for my migraine headahes [ only 2 a day no more ]I had in fact become a drug addict [ me a drug addict, how absurd ] and I would have to go cold turkey either in hospital, or do it myself. Well to cut a long story short, I did it myself, OH BOY, thank God I had never been a real addict , it was AWFUL but I left off all painkillers and drugs etc., and that is why I don`t like to take anything now only when I really have to. I still get the feeling on the odd occassions that I`m going into another TGA but am now able to control it with a small amount of diazipan, but I would be really interested if there are others out there with this condition who would let me know how it affects them Sorry for such a long blog. lots of hugs to all

Lyndia x

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Sorry, no. I hope it gets easier for you.


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