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ive had fibro for about 7 years now, well prob longer but diagnosed then. i was put on duloxatine for two years. they changed my life but not for the better. i started to sleep all the time i didnt care about anything or anyone i became a person i wasnt really. when my daughter got married two years ago and i had no emotion whatsoever it began to dawn on me that something was wrong. i had been living in a weird world for too long and decided there and then to change. i stopped taking this awful drug (cold turkey) and slowly but surely my life started to return to normal. when i say normal i mean a life with pain. these drugs stopped the pain but also completly changed the person i am. two years on and i have lived with the pain with the knowledge that i am back to the real me. a nice caring mother of two with responsibilities.. i now cry again and feel emotion. clean up my house that i was always so proud of and have settled down and met a lovely man who has asked me to marry him. i was scared to go back on any form of medication but after no sleep and so much pain i caved in. ive been put on naproxen and amatriptalyne and have finally had a good nights sleep. at the first signs of them affecting my mental health i will be stopping tho. i will never go there again. not a nice place to be.

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OMG been there done that, I too would rather have pain all the time than be like that again. Too much AD can have such a debilitating effect. I was on morphine, had upped my prozac at the start of oct cos I get really down in winter and had started taking pregablin which also contains an anti- anxiety. i didnt realise this would over dose me in terms of SSRIs. We had booked to go on this trip of a life time cruise with the kids and I couldnt have cared less, if theyd have cancelled it, I wouldnt have been bothered. I was completely flat! i felt nothing, no happiness, no emotion and had to put on an act the whole holiday - what a waste. thankfully things settling down now, pains bad, but at least I dont feel like jumping off a bridge! take care


Ditto girls, I was on Tramadol and Diclofenac (just took me 10 mins to remember what I was on ). Don't know if half my symptoms are my age 52 or FM or all the meds I had been on. Been on ant-depressants of some kind for over 12 years, but now only prozac and as little pain relief as I can cope with (over the counter stuff) :-) I begged for years for dr to prescribe thyroxin as I had read that they use this to treat FM in USA. My tests had always come back 'border-line'. Finally got a dr to prescribe and they have increased dose now 4 times!!!! Explain that dr??? I think this has helped tremendously.



So glad that your back to your normal self, even though its hard coping with the pain. I suppose these drugs affect people in various ways. Can I just ask if with your Naproxen you were given stomach lining tablets? I wasn't and ended up in hospital with a bleeding ulcer. This was down to the lack of care from my old dr's! If you are taking Naproxen you should be given these. I do feel strongly about this because having that ulcer made me have the biggest flare up since Ive had fibro (which is about 20 yrs). That was over a yr ago and I'm still in that flare. I also cant take any anti inflamitaries at all.

I just urge all that are on these please go back and get some stomach lining tablets!

Just getting off my soap box!!

Sharon xx


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