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Hi every one sorry I haven't been on here for a while,only I'm not having a good time at the mo,I'm so down an depressed :-(((

I'm just not coping well at all,I'm in so much pain it's making me feel physically sick,I can't eat or sleep,I've recently been diagnosed with server spondyloses and it's made my fibro flare up and the pains are unbearable my docs put me on stronger pain killers but to be honest there just not working,my legs feel so weak it's causing me to have more falls I can hardly walk or stand,it's really getting to me now as I can't leave my bed let alone my house,I've just got no quality of life,and to top it all off I got a letter not so long ago from job centre plus saying I've got a appointment with a advisor as I'm in wrag at the mo and I'm appealing againts this, an I have been since oct last year and I'm just waiting for my tribunal date to come thorough,so I called the job centre and spoke to an advisor an tried to explain that I'm appealing and that I couldn't attend as I'm in so much pain and that I could leave my bed let alone my house,an her reply was " you get the extra bit of money for being in wrag so u will have to attend sooner all later" I then said I have a sick note from my Gp and it explaines that I've got sever spondyloses and that I can't hardly walk,but she wouldn't have none of it an just replied saying its not about that it's about the money,I just can't believe how she spoke to me to be honest I felt like she was bullying me, and it's reduced me to tears and I can't stop crying I feel so stressed an down I just can't cope with any more and i don't no what to do,I feel like I'm losing my mind :-(((((

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Hi Bec,

I have read your blog and I feel tremendous sympathy for you. Spondulitis is terrible I take it it is your neck affecting your hands? If you 're as stressed as your blog implies please go to your doctors again I think they may be able to help you by reveiwing your meds with antidepressants you will manage better. You ,mention your pain and crying but not which pain killers you are taking at the moment.

Do go get them reviewed if your pain is handled better you will not only sleep better but be able to control your life again. Then you will be able to talk to the tribunal with more sense. xgins.


thank you ever so much for your kind words,its the lumbar area of my spine its really affecting my walking and balance which is causing me to fall alot so now i have to rely on crutchs but they dont really stop me from falling,my medication im taking is co-codamol 30/500mg and tramadol 50mg i also have to take amitriptaline 75mg at night and for my depression im takin sertaline 50mg to be honest im sick of taking tablets exspecialy when they arnt doin much.i have a appointment with my doc in two weeks time


While you are waiting for your apt with doc, do you feel up to bit of letter writing? Put all this into a letter to head of your jobcentre explaining whats happening and how you were treated on the phone etc, if you have the womans name all the better. Naming and shaming will feel good if nothing else! not all people in jobcentres are •*¥¢ I mean nasty people, no swearing allowed! You may find that one nice person that will understand and give you a breather on the interview for a while and that can only help at mo. You have everything on at once and thats just no good. Trying to slow things down and handling one bit at a time will help you feel a little bit better and more able to cope xx


Hello Bec. When you see your GP ask if you can get a referral to ortho for your spine, if you are in so much pain surely they can do something. I have a few friends with spodyloses and they've had surgery and are like new people. My son had a similar problem, kyphosis, when he was born, he had his spine fused when he was 2. He's 13 now, loves playing sport, the only thing he can't do is touch his toes! Surgery is scary but please find out about it then you have the facts and make a considered judgement.

I hope you get something sorted soon. Take care, Is x


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