Limited Capability to Work ESA 50

Ok finally settled down to start on the LCW (ESA) form and HELP!!!!!!!! this is in a new format. The pages are not as the previous descriptors! On page 7 it starts with physical functions but not as the previous forms. Can anyone give me a link to the new descriptors.

On the back of the form the form ref shows as ESA 50RAMBVMS_012013_005_001

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  • If you email and quote that number Mdaisy will have the new guides for that form and can email them back to you

    VG x

  • This site has the old and the new form so you can compare them side by side and shows the changes to the descriptors for comparison.

  • Thanks to both of you, have had a look at the link and seem to answer 15 to some, 9 & 6 to others, and quite a few it varies. I will email info@fibroaction and see what Mdaisy can tell me. Did you know you can download the new form.

  • That's right, each descriptor can score between 0 and 15 points. The way most of the descriptors are worded, they can only apply to a corpse.

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