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Who Needs Enemies with a friend like Fibro

Just joined today and have read some blog's, making it nice to know I am not totally alone.

I am 31 have a son of 9 and work full time often 9 hour days.... For ages I just thought i was imagining the issue until my mum suggested it may be Fibro, of which she also suffers. So its nice to talk to someone that gets when my joints hurt so bad i can barely get out of bed, or why I am always tired but can never get to sleep, why its freezing outside and i feel like i may spontaneously combust, or I shiver when I am sitting right by the heater and why stress just makes it all a bit more severe. I never knew what head aches were until a Fibro headache and trying to explain to friends and loved ones is like talking to a brick wall.

Not sure what else to write at the moment but look forward to talking and reading more.


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So true, i have only read a few blogs and already hearing new symptoms and learning new resolutions, glad i came across this site, thanks for commenting


Hi im also new to this forum although I was diagnosed a few years back.

There is no way I could go to work so well done you Brathall.

I have forgotten what its like to get up with no pain.

None of us understand anyone's pain until we experience it ourselves,with fibro we look ok so its even harder to make others understand,

My worse experience and I could scream at them is when you go out and there's that dreaded dance floor, I would normally be the first one up, but not any more, there they all are dancing away and someone says come on get up and dance you say no its fine but no there coming towards you come on now this is the point where I want to swear they no I have fibro but they still don't get it,Which part of I would love to dance but cant it will put me in my bed for a few days grrrrr

I have people saying well you take your dogs for a run so you must be ok some days omg I want to kill them I put the dogs in the back of my car take them to the park,open the boot and they run like mad chasing the birds,(the flying ones lol) all I do is walk very slowly along the path chat to some people then call my dogs get them back in the car that it.I have given up trying to explain to people.

im having a good old moan today lol I'm in a lot of pain in my shoulders at the mo so I get irritable and I here my self every bloody day moaning about some sort of pain I get on my own nerves.

There is a group near me that meet up once a month but I don't go because I do enough of my own moaning without listening to there's how bad is that but it does not make me feel any better hearing that they go through the same pain.

All my love the moaner lol xx


That's ok Pipper, you're allowed to moan. We all understand what your going through. Try & take it one day at a time.Thats what I do. I try not to arrange anything till after 11 am so I have time to get ready in my time. Feel really old at 53 & I have not worked for 9 yrs. but was not diagnosed for 5yrs.I thought I was going mad as nobody said they actualy believed me. So glad I found this site. Like you I've just joined. Fibro hugs (((O))) x


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