carers suffer too

Hi my name is julie but is isnt me who is the sufferer it is my husband who was diagnosed last year but has been suffering since 2009 when he had to come out of work due to the pain. I was working full time until september 2011 when i finished to become his full time carer as he has difficulty walking , getting dressed or having a shower and now he needs help with his toilet needs. He is also very depressed at times and i am now in control of his tablets due to a very low point in which he took a overdose of his morphine . He is tired all the time and feels inadequate as a husband and father , it is hard for me as his wife too as i cant bear to see him like this and all he wants to do is go back to work. Are there any other carers out there who are finding it hard .

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  • hi he has osteoarthritis in one of his knees this was diagnosed in 2009 but was told although his knee was worn he was too young for a knee replacement he was 43 at the time but things got worse since then and last year was told he had fibro too .

  • my heart goes out to you and yes i agree your husband sounds as if he has much more than just FM .Has your husband had a spinal tap ?? that would show up quite a few things or rule things out .NO fm cant not be diagnosed like that .but a lot of things can .My husband has been by my side these past 12 years i couldnt be with out him .Carers do a great job and not always thanked for it .Can you not go yo your gP and ask for help in some way shape or form Sorry i can t be of more help to you .

  • we have been back to the Gp so many times but have found now we have a label for it everything its "oh it must be the fibromyalgia " his rheumatologist is sending him for a mri scan on his knee has it has got to the stage where it goes into spasm and he cant move at all hopefully he needs surgery then at least he can have a bit of mobility.

  • hi to all.. first time on here so thought id let you know about me,im 46 with 2 kids,who are brill with me since there dad left when i was diagnosed with fibro,oastioarthritus,cfs/me,rhumatoid arthritus and just been diagnosed with sphinkter of oddy disfunction, i was wondering if anyone else has had this??,my meds are gabapentin,tramadol,solpadol,omerprezin so i take 32 tablets a day which causes there own problems ie: tiredness,sicky feeling shakes ect ect take care hugs to you all sarah j bboo.xx

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