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Hi, I am The New Girl On The Blog!!

I have joined this site today, and have read a few of the blogs and comments already on here. I is good to be able to read what other people are going through or have been through with FM. I was diagnosed four years ago, after years of suffering etc. Having tests for MS, and being told that I probably didn't have that, but they couldn't rule it out completely!!. So therefore, I have FM!!

I lost my job last year (I was a Teaching Assistant at a local Comp School. I do feel lost, and a bit at a loose end, but could not hold down a job at the moment. The tiredness, lack of energy generally, pain, fog, headaches, etc make me feel like I have a hangover everyday!! I also have some other medical problems too, what exacerbate my FM and pain.

One of the GP.s at my local surgery, said to me a few months ago that there is no such thing as FM or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. And that I needed to "Sort my head out"! He made me feel even worse about myself that before I went to see him. I was using a crutch because of (Policeman's Heel) and said what was I using that for, to practice standing up straight, by looking in a mirror!! I left the surgery, in tears, and have only been back one, since that, and definitely not to see him, the Ignorant and small minded man that he is. He has made me question my illness and made me feel that I may be a fake!! Has anyone else had a similar problem with people and their ignorance?

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Thank you for your reply Lynn. I have seen a couple of other GP's at my surgery, but I have only visited once since that happened. I think that they all probably think I am making it up and its all in my head. That just may be my paranoid head making me feel like this, but he has made me doubt myself. Another GP there told me that I was numb and tingly because I breath to fast!! He flicked me face, and it twitched, so therefore, I must be over breathing, he said!!! That was a few years ago, mind you he was the one who sent me for MRI scan, back in 2000. I had another three years ago, with lumbar puncture, and visual provoking!! So he is not all bad!!

Talk to you or somebody soon

Regards Jane


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