HI everyone,

I was getting into the car after being at the doctors and my crutches pinched my skin :( The pain was absolutely awful. Luckily I have a fantastic Hubbie who is my carer and understands my pain. I was crying with the pain aswell. Thankfully my whole family understand that I'm in pain everyday. I hate being like this. I would love for just one day to be pain free. My mantra.. "It Could Be Worse" and it could. Hope everyone else is doing well today. Love and gentle hugs to you all xxxx

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  • Aww big gentle hugs to you! You definitely deserve them. I know exactly what you mean im in the same situation in pain all day every day. I dont know if they would be any use to you but I have recently ordered a pair of "smart crutches" as I can't use normal crutches they hurt me too much. All the reviews sing their praises so im going to give them a shot. They might not be any help to you just thought id share.

    Big gentle hugs

    Kirsty :)

  • Hi Kirsty,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I will ask my OT about Smart Crutches. I used to have a walking stick and hold on to my husband for support, but having the crutches means I'm a little bit more independent and i don't hurt my back as much. Thank you for the advice. Gentle hugs to you xxxx

  • Hi there I have done this so many times but I feel for your pain.Take care and your hubby is your rock.Love and gentle hugs xx

  • Hi Petra,

    Thank you so much. I have an idea now from the comment above for smart crutches to try. Lots of love and gentle hugs back xxx

  • Done that soooo many times!!! Reading your post made me wince in sympathy - keep pinching the skin was what made me buy open cuff crutches. They are harder to use (probs cos Ive used the closed ones all my life!) But no more skin pinching is a big bonus. Still have my trusty silver nhs ones though!

    Hope your arm isnt too sore now, huggles.xxx

  • Hi Nanuuk,

    Thank you for your kind comment. My arm isn't too bad now, just a small mark but it was sooo sore yesterday. I will deffo look into Smart Crutches, will let you know how I get on. xxx

  • Hi babebatista, they are definitely worth looking into. I had to but mine privately but my way of thinking if it might help I will try. The website is great, just pop it on the search engine it will come up. Every part is adjustable and the design of them means you aren't putting all the pressure on your hands and wrist. Hope your arm is ok today. Gentle hugs and love xx

  • Hi Kirsty,

    Thank you again, I had a look online a bit earlier, can see the difference. Love the fact they come in so many different colours lols xxx

  • I am so with you on that my partner is my carer and she so understands when I spend days in bed because of the pain its 24/7 and unfortunately it is getting worse as I need my bungalow adapting for my wheelchair as I am finding it hard to be mobile with the pain so if you would like a chat I would love to hear from you

  • Hi Nickychalk,

    I would love that, will private message you later, hands are still not working properly today lols. Gentle hugs hun, speak soon xxx

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