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What am I Like !!!!

Well today our gardener came and he ate his lunch and OH made him a cuppa.

Now this will make you all laugh :-) ha ha ha

O H came in and said are you OK for a minute .....then he came back to say " The gardener is going to tie back your rose arch as the wind has caught it,he is going to tie up your raspberries and red currents and mow the lawn." I said " OK let me know when he starts as I have to work out how long he is working for "

OH says "he will just finish his lunch and cup of Tea, he is and listening to the cricket! "...

"Oh I never knew we had a cricket " I say with all sincerity "are they in the long grass?, "Er no its on his radio" >>>>>I then replied " What some one has recorded a little cricket rubbing its legs together, gosh what a weird person ! why would you sit in a garden listening to crickets on a CD or radio station? takes all sorts eh! "

Well my OH was in stitches and said " No Cricket! He likes it and its on the radio ha ha ha . " You know Cricket with a bat! "

We did laugh what fibro fog does to you lol ;-)

Enjoy the bank holiday weather everyone x x :-)

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that is lovely so fairies and crickets at the bottom of your garden ;0 xgins


Yep and I can't find either in my rainforest :0) but I know they are there ....well the fairies anyway x ;-)


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