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It ia really sunny up and if it is with you dont forget to wear a large

Brimed Hat we dont want an lobster impressions now do we. It is always so horrid later when you realise you have had too much sun. If you have been out this morning come in and have a rest away from the noon day sun that is when it reaches its zenith.

Sun factor very high if you have it Enjoy xgins

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I'm resting up gins, in readiness for when the sun goes down a bit and I can wave a hoe at my flower border. I catch the sun really easily and the local police know that I'm ready if they ever need a bolitia beacon......... hehehe....... By seriously I now smother myself in factor 50 if the sun is really strong,,,,,,,we shouldn't complain though, we've had little enough sun for so so long :-(

Foggy x


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