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Fibro breakthrough

Study title: A blood spot based diagnostic test for fibromyalgia syndrome and related disorders.

A second scientific study has confirmed that the fibromyalgia blood spot test is, in fact, accurate.

Fibromyalgia is REAL!

The Ohio State University, Columbus.

This is great news. Let's hope we get the same in the UK soon.

Thank you for reading. xx

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Can I clarify one point will your book be free or do you have to buy it as advertising for your own financial gain is against guidelines...

VG x


Removed plug. Great news though.


It is indeed and thank you for being so reasonable re guidelines much appreciated

Vg x


No problem, sorry I didn't read the guidelines. I hate this illness, got a little over excited that maybe they'll be able to sort out a pain relief that works. With too, proof that it's not just in our minds. xx


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