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The DWP will try anything!

I thought tribunals were supposed to be independent of the DWP. I have been waiting 12 months for my ESA tribunal and have got a date now so thought I'd better read through all the notes I have as I couldn't remember what was in them.Found something on the last page I missed before. The DWP ' respectfully request 'that the tribunal find me fit for work! I just can't believe that they are allowed to get away with that and I'm really angry that they should be allowed to have this influence over things that are supposed to be nothing to do with them. I'm now getting really stressed about it all.

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Hi Deefer,

I am guessing that sentence is just a legal declaration of intent - i.e. stating their position for the purposes of the court in the same way someone might enter a plea. I wouldn't read too much into it.

Try not to worry but be objective and prepare as much as you are able - the more prepared you are the less anxious you will feel.

I wish you the very best of luck with the tribunal!

Best wishes



Have you seen a copy of your Atos report (ESA85)? Mine had 24 pages and on the top of page 16 of mine it asks if there are any reasons NOT to put me in the WRAG?

Seems the DWP make their decision first then ask Atos to confirm it; a bit like a 17th century witch trial.


Tribunals are independent, the DWP can write what they like, the same as you can write what you like. You can ask the tribunal to completely ignore the DWP, say they are a bunch of loons out to get you at all costs. The tribunal makes a decision based on evidence and the law as it stands, not what we would like them to do. :)


Thanks for the good luck wishes Gary. When they write things on these reports, I think they are putting the idea into the heads of the people reading them. If they see it in print in front of them it's bound to get into their heads. When I received the report from my assessment, the assessor had put ' will be fit for work in 3 months ' so I believe that when the decision maker sees that, they are not going to argue. A bit like brainwashing and wrong on so many levels.


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