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Feeling miserable

Hi every or, don't want to e a misery but I'm having a real rough day today, a little more than usual, have just walked round the Docs to pic up a new inhaler for my asthma, they are trying me on a different one, my ankles hurt my feet are too sore to walk on, don't quite know how I got there and back, my whoe body is racking with pain,plus a foul headache, I'm sorry for moaning, I don't usually, I usually keep it to my self, just thought I might feel better if I share it, plus thae fact that my bladder decided to malfunction on my way home, good job I had my tenna nappy on lol u all take care and gentle hugs to all ....Dee xxx

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Don't be sorry for moaning,we all do it and understand. I know what you mean about not knowing how you managed to get to Doctors and back again. I have also had bad days when I really push myself to the pain limit to get things done. I hope you feel better soon, try and have a nice rest now you are home x


Oh dear, Dee,

Only one thing to do - back to bed with a dose of painkillers, a nice cuppa and a few good magazines - even some choccy biscuits if possible. Feet up, have a zizz, and chill out.

In other words, spoil yourself today, and hopefully you'll have a better day tomorrow!

Love from Moffy x


Aww so sorry it's one of those days/weeks, hope after lots of rest if possible you'll be feeling a bit better, take care of yourself :-)


Thank you fibro friends for well wishes, fell asleep around 1.30 without even trying, feel a little better for the rest, thank you for listening , luv n hugs .Dee xx


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