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Anyone in Macclesfield?

Looking for fellow Fibro sufferers in and around macclesfield. Fibromacc is a new support group for fibro sufferers in and around macclesfield. We are having our first meeting on 21 may at weatherspoons park green macclesfield.

We eventually aim to have our own website and produce a newsletter bringing you all the latest news and research.

For further info and details of future meetings contact Claire or Tracy

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Hello Fibrofrith,

Thank You for you blog about your new Support Group Fibromacc

Would you like to be listed in our Support Group Directory on our FibroAction website? If so, please email with the details.

Well Done for all your efforts & Best of luck for your group with meeting today!!

Emma :)

P.S If you need any help with suggestions for websites or newsletters please feel free to Private Message me.


I would welcome any information about the new fybromyalgia group that is in Macclesfield.I saw an advert in the physio dept at Macclesfield hospital.I have had fybromyalgia for a couple of years but have other health problems also which make the fm worse.Any help would be great I'm so on my own with managing living with it and need help


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