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Hello All

I suffer with Coccydenia as one of my conditions, and at the moment I have to use a Coccyx Cushion when I sit on a chair, but I am still finding it painful to sit for more than a few minutes at a time.

I was wondering if anyone with this condition could let me know what type of Coccyx Cushion or type of cushion they use I am currently using the wedge type cushion with the cut out at back bought from Argos.

I'm wondering if there is a better type of cushion I could use, Thank You to anyone who can help with any suggestions.

Regards Jay

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I got a really good one from Sissel... contoured bottom shape and generous cut out for relief of pressure. My soreness however, was greatly relieved by accupunture. Might be worth a shotty if you are in lots of pain all the while. Mine is still sore but only after sitting for 45 mins or so... hope you find relief soon. It's no fun is it?! I broke mine cycling a few years ago... wheel went into a pot hole and my poor coccyx paid dearly. I had a massive hemorrhage and the pain was incredible. It took months before it became bearable to sit.


Hi, I don't have your condition but use a Tempur pillow in my wheelchair. They are visco elastic and mould to you body shape and are pressure relieving.

Hope this helps x


I had mine removed in 1972 because I was in so much pain sitting, I hav,nt suffered since. Speak to your GP ask if this is possible for you. ,


Hello ldaho

My Orthopaedic Surgeon did speak about that operation to remove the Coccyx, but he said it's not an operation they do lightly as The muscle, tendons and ligaments attached to the coccyx have to be reattached to other parts of your pelvis to preserve their function.

He also said there is a very high risk of infection and the recovery is anything between 12 to 24 months, I got the impression he was not very keen to preform the operation, I have had the Injections into my spine, left hip & coccyx but they did not help with the pain at all I have also had MUA to the Coccyx twice but did not make much difference I also have Hip Bursitis, I am on pain meds which do help reduce the pain by about 65% I would say.

I wonder can you give me some more information regarding how you coped after the operation as I would think you would not be able to sit down straight after the op, how long did it take you to recover, any help with info after your op would really be appreciated then I would be able to know what to expect and make a more informed decision, I know people react, recover differently, but more info would help

Thanking you in advance for your help x


I brought a good one then took it to an upholsterer and had some costumeised one made which are much better because they suit my shape and size better, they we're worth it. I still have to have epidural and steroid injections in my coccyx. Missymaz


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