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Back to more pain again ,, old chest pain bk again


Had a awful night , now I'm bk to right side chest pain,,, hate it when this comes on because you say chest and everyone thinks heart. I hate it soo much ,, I'm do fed up . I'm real sensitive today to everything especially people banging around the house and loud sounds everything makes me jump.

I've been getting breast pain in both sides and underarm pain again , this is how it all started last November then got really bad., it eased off a bit I fear the worst , that is coming bk bad again . I've just got over what everyone had a three day cold , I had it for three weeks , along came a water infection with that amongst other problems . I feel like am cursed.

I know some folk have it worse out there think that us what kicks me bk into reality a bit and stops me pondering on my pain a bit because I know it's horrific what some of you lot have or having to go thro.

Thanks for being there for me,, I'm crap at the mo x

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I can sympathise with you.every night is a bad night cos of pain and pressure in ribs and protruding ribs, leg pain and just lately tightness in tummy and upper abdomen are so lumpy its so uncomfortable and I cannot get it out of my mind its a tumour/cyst -cos of the fact that since sept I lost weight in my arms legs and back and my tummy is ever increasing plus a cough I had for 6 months or more.feel like drs aren't listening anymore as ythey keep saying I don't have this or that but not what I do have.

I also have terrible chest and back pains. I'm waiting to see my gastro consultant as I also suffer from ulcerative Colitis but these pains are not connected to the bowel but I think Gallbladder!

I will let everyone know once the relevant tests are done!

Hope you feel better soon


I can relate to your chest pains, have had them on and off for ages now. I was actually in hospital having a bladder op when I first had it, luckily they did the various tests and said my heart was fine. I agree it is frightening, I was so glad I was in hospital at the time because I would have called an ambulance as I would have thought I was having a heart attack. They just said it was muscular and now I just wait for it to pass. I have had an endoscopy but nothing was found, I did wonder if mine was gallstones as the pain radiates into the back.Hope you feel a little better soon and get sorted.

I now have an appointment June 6th brought forward by 5 months. Will let you know if its gall stones, if it is I'm not messing about, take the damn thing out ASAP. I'm having attacks daily now with being sick afterwards. Really 10/10 pain.

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