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Brown envelopes

Brown envelopes are very scary.

Some are thin and some are fat.

Approach with caution and be wary

as you lift them from the mat.

They are sent by faceless workers

from some buildings in the north

making out that you are shirkers;

they say your pleadings have no worth.

You open them with trepidation.

Are their findings yay or nay?

Have they skewed their observations?

Can you afford to eat today?

Brown envelopes create a feeling

in your gut and in your head.

Will they relieve or send you reeling

in denial to your bed?

8 Replies

What a great poem spidey!!

Do hope though that people don't go reeling to bed in denial

Don't let the bas@"&ds get you down!!

All the gang at healthunlocked please take note!!


Musical or penned ????

VG :)


Penned but , you know, If I wrote a chorus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yes I know this feeling - I got my ESA without much difficulty but even so, whenever a brown envelope lands, I practically get palpitations! I know sooner or later they will re-assess even though nothing has changed, or just move the goalposts ....


brilliant poem! love it :-) (please accept this accolade from a fellow poetess)

Brown envelopes should be used for their true purpose - as loo paper....... >>> evil grin :-p


I agree with Sammicat15 best use for em without a doubt. Sithy


Ditto. Just got one of dreaded envelopes, although I was lucky I got in esa SUPPORT group (took me nearly 4 weeks to do with lots of help typing - sent over 20 pages,explaining how it affects my daily life, plus letters from over the years confirming what i had. Now just have to fill in the dreaded DLA form. However, I will use benefits and work, guides you can trust, to help me fill in this too and will send a copy of what I sent to ESA as well.


Have to say guys, love the way you use your sense of humour to keep you and us going. love it. love and hugs x


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