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ESA and national insurance

Apologies from a lurker rather than contributor but wonder if anyone can help me. My ESA will be stopped from 8th July and I am waiting for an appeal date. I am not eligible for any more after July, unless I win the appeal, as I have a husband about to retire on a reasonable pension.

What I would like to know is whether anyone can tell me what happens about my NI contributions which were paid on Incapacity Benefit. I am due to get my state pension next year but want to make sure have paid enough NI to get the full whack.

Wonder which will cost the DWP more - a year of ESA or an appeal court. A farce!

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Hello, during the time anyone claims benefit in the UK their National Insurance [NI] record is credited each week with a contribution sufficient to make that week count towards their British Retirement Pension [BRP].

Please go to


where you can get a BRP forecast. You'll be notified of any payments you can make to increase the amount you get when you reach pension age.

In the meantime, if you are not receiving any Benefit and your husband is receiving a BRP he can claim for you as a dependant.

Hope this helps

S x


my esa is stopping too in july though i am still appealing for it to be changed to the suport group so i asked [well cried actually] to my jobseeker bloke and i told me that as the date grows closer you should be sent a form esa3 [i think]. it says on the front 'why we have sent you this form,,, you are claiming contribution based esa and you have told us

;about a change in your circumstances or

;you want to claim income related employment and support allowance

this means that unless you hubby or partner earns more than lots then you may be entitled to some money anyway. it may be only £40 quid or something a week but it would also cover your NI contributions. he gave me a form but says ill get one sent in the post but he knows i will panic when i see it and not fill it in so he wanted to show it me while i am still not going mad.

good luck to you with your appeal too.


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