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feeling apprehensive about drs appt tomorrow,is he going to discuss the issues I have as he said at last appt?he asked me to make this one to do so.will he recognize my latest symptoms as lupus?i have everything written down.

my stomach tonight is like its a hard lumpy solid mass and I can feel it on my ribs.i still don't see how they can say it is not a cyst-I wonder if they are saying that cos they wont admit they are wrong.a question i shall put to him if I remember.

will let you know how it goes.


ps its actually today now

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I hope you get some answers or a good response from your GP today ...

Fingers crossed .. Don't forget your list

VG xxx


Hope your appointment goes well and you get the answers you need.



Yes, best of luck, Anbuma - hope all goes well!

Moffy x


write a list of questions and stay put till you have an answer you are satisfied with to all of them. (That is advise I got from my new GP) Good luck x


hi there ,and thanks

I did have 2 pages of stuff written down but forgot a couple of things atht I thought of on the way to surgery.dont know whether to see him again (he did ask me if I had anything to ask him)or write a letter .or wait til ive had gallbladder op and they find what the solid

mass in my abdomen is


thanks guys.

it went ok apart from my appt being at 8.40 and it was gone 9 before he called me in-by which time I was very stiff from sitting for an hour and my mind in a muddle getting frustrated cos he was running so late after seeing one patient.he said my skin rash wasn't lupus as I was tested fro that in december -told him i wasn't aware of that and that skin rash is only recent..I came away and was late fro my eye test so i cancelled it til Saturday. on the bus coming home a few more questions popped into my head-(dec was 5 months ago-doesn't mean I don't have it now.) .i don't particularly want to spend another 2 hours of my day going to drs should I write another letter with my questions or wait til I have had op? it still concerns me that it is a cyst or tumour.i don't see how they can say they don't feel anything.i am sick of looking like I am 7 months pregnant.if it is bloating as he keeps on about tehn why has no one suggested anything to me to sort it?

there were a couple of things i didnt mention.why is it recommended to see a dr when you lose weight suddenly or have a cough for weeks and when you do they do nothing about it?


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