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But you look so healthy


I went for my pre-op yesterday and took my repeat prescription list with me, it's easier than taking all the meds.

Anyways while I was being assessed by the nurse she's asking me about ops and things then asks what meds I'm on and looks at the list then looks at me and says "But you look so healthy"

Now you'd think a nurse would know that not all diseases are obvious.

Anyway just scraped through to be fit enough for the op tomorrow blood pressure was just inside the acceptable limit, she told me had the lower one been one point higher they wouldn't accept me and again she gave me a funny look... so there I go explaining yet again, yep I'm only 47 but had high blood pressure since my early 20s runs in the family that's why I have 3 different meds for it and the angina.

It wouldn't have been so bad if she'd been a young nurse but she must have been older than me.

So moral of the story seems if you don't look sick then there is nothing wrong with you. I wish lol

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I have just been prescribed a forth medication for high blood pressure and, like you, it has been because it runs in my family too. I often get the " well there can't be much wrong with you because you look so healthy"


I hope your op goes OK, Bodeia.

I expect the nurse was just trying to cheer you up - it doesn't exactly give you confidence if nursie says "My word - you do look ill!" :)

When I was was in hospital recently,after a spot of surgery, I looked in the mirror and saw that I looked like Morticia with a bad hangover, but a lovely nurse came and plumped my pillows and said I was looking much better, which did help.

I should think that all health care professionals are aware that the way a patient looks is no indicator of good health, so don't take it personally!

Moffy x


As I have said before getting too old to be diplomatic courtesy is as courtesy does. I normally look at the offender and immediately reply but then again you LOOK stupid. Do you

Good luck with the op.

This is exactly why we get treated the way we do, because we look 'normal' they assume everything is hunky dory !! It's like parking in a disabled bay!! How any of us have either had comments or loos as if we are doing wrong!

I had a hip replacement when I was 41 and when my OH came in to see me, I think it was two days later as I was 130 miles from home he couldn't be there, he said I looked in my 90’s so I just say well if I have the problems that older people get, then I have the right to look older lol

I think pain ages us terribly!!

I hope you recover quickly and aren't in touch pain xx

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