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Where's Wally?

Last week I went to (supposedly) have my first CBT appointment.After a few minutes the therapist said she thought I would be more suited to Chronic fatigue therapy which one of her colleagues had just begun .She said she would get her colleague to ring me.well I haven't heard yet,hope I haven't been forgotten,I've already waited for nearly 5 months.I'm not even sure if I can get there yet as There is the initial appointment which is face to face then the rest is on the phone.The initial appointment is at Dunstable which is quite a way if I can get a lift.Why don't people come to Bedford to do the therapy it's quite a big town isn't it? Oh well I don't know if I'll be accepted yet.

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It seems to me everyone you need to see importantly recently forgets , is unavailable or left the country.... I am waiting for my trigger point injections now a month late... Everytime I phone to see what's happening I get as different person but it seems both consultants who can inject me have gone on holiday at the same time causing a backlog ... I can't believe two consultants running the same clinic can holiday at the same time ... I did ask the booking officer if they had eloped ... But she obviously didnt get the point as she assured me they were both already married..... Same thing trying to contact my sons school finding the right teacher is like finding where's wally you know they are in the school but no one actually can find them


VG x


Hi VG yes it's frustrating yet they'd soon shout if all the patients were so elusive lol.


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