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Having a bad day thanks to the Gloomy Weather

I'm really sick of the rain. The sun comes out and before I manage to get out, the heavens open yet again. All I want is to pop round the co-op. But oh no the weather has different ideas. My bones and joints hurt like hell and can't take anymore pain relief. Some one up there is really dumping on me today.

Had my little moan, can't do anything about it so just make he best out of a bad day and hope tomorrow is better..xxxx

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It's not been a great day, Has it.




I went out to lunch with friends yesterday, and by the time I got home, I was chilled to the marrow and worn out. It was like Siberia, and I'm on the South Coast!

I went straight to bed after tea and slept for 10 hours which has to be a record.

I do hope this cold weather soon goes away so we can enjoy a bit of summer!


I understand about the weather; I'm sure it waits for me to go out!

Cheers, Midori


This link is for a rain canopy that I'm interested in buying as I'm sick of the rain.

It's not cheap, but the only one I have found so far.

Anyone come across anything else?

Soft Hugs xxxx


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