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What is healthy eating?


I underwent pre-diabetes training 18 months ago. Apart from eating predominantly natural, unprocessed food without additives, the most useful advice was to keep carbohydrate portions between 10 to 14 per day (a portion contains 10g of carbohydrate).


Eating low glycaemic foods helps too.

I've also looked at the DoH healthy eating guidelines, and found the evidence underpinning it wanting, to say the least. The above measures are beneficial to health, whereas the recommendation to restrict saturated fats seems to be based of flawed observational studies.

What does everyone else think?

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Hi Concerned,

Healthy eating is having a diet of a wide range of foods so you have an intake of all vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K. Eating fruit & veg, avoiding processed foods and also avoiding some 'so called' healthy options promoted by shops are not always the healthier option. There has been discussion over the internet about diet soft drinks for instance and the aspartame that may be harmful.

Here is a link to the FibroAction website where diet is discussed,


The poll is interesting as it is discussing diet at the moment , you may find some of the poll comments helpful too

Emma :)

Re the saturated fats debate: As far as I'm aware, there has never been any evidence proving that saturated fats are harmful, providing that they are not taken in excess of the accepted recommended daily intake of fats in general.

Studies done in Scandinavia in the 60's- '70's did establish a link between a high intake of saturated fats and heart disease, but to put this in context, the diets studied were very high in total fats of all types, saturated fat being predominant due to local dairying and pork production on an industrial scale.

These studies were a gift to the manufacturers of cheap vegetable margarines, who jumped on the gravy train bigtime. We're still swallowing the hype all these years later, when we could be enjoying delicious butter in moderate quantities, and doing ourselves no harm whatsoever.

I realise this is my personal opinion, and am open to argument of an academic kind!

Moffy x

beaton in reply to ladymoth

Totally agree,went to a hotel and catering collage in the 70's and this is what we,the next generation of dietitians were taught.What a load of rubbish. If you eat good quality food,even butter and chocolate you will be satisfied and eat less. So a little of what you fancy does you more good than manufactured "healthy" options.


Yup I have cut out all artificial sweetners and all junk food .. Am losing weight by just eating three meals a day with fruit if I get peckish between meals

VG x

Steals VG's chips and choccy bars :) x

I eat healthy; I just eat too much for the amount of excercise I can do!

gailmarie57 in reply to Midori

I weigh OK it is just my height that is wrong should be about 6ft :-)

Ha haaa!! Great responses here and I agree with you all. DON'T buy so called 'low fat' foods, they contain sugar!! As fat flavours most foods, if you take fat out, something has to be added to put that taste back in. And what do they use?? Yes, sugar!! Fat is not all bad, we need it for our skin and for our healthy bowel movements, it's what type of fat and how much we eat. I eat butter as it contains natural stuff. All these spreads have God knows what in them, most of them unnatural. This new 'paleo' diet seems pretty good. It's food that is all natural - meat veg, nuts and small amounts of fruit. I can't drink fruit juice as it sends my blood sugars sky high because the chemical make up of the fruit is changed when it's juiced. I've learned by trial and error. XX

Another thing to avoid is diabetic foods, the sweetner they use (sorbitol) is even more fattening

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