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How are you all?

Good Morning everyone.

Well, it's Friday. We've had a few days of sun, and warmth so I hope you're all feeling the benefits. Although today we have returned to the more traditional British weather - RAIN! So what have you all got planned for the weekend?

Tomorrow, I am going away with a friend for a couple of days by the south coast to get some fresh air! She also suffers from a chronic illness (not fibro) so we shall be a right pair of old crocks together walking along the beach! But it will be nice to get away from the stresses and strains of my current living situation, and as the estate agents are showing someone the house on Saturday - maybe I'll even come back to some good news! Fingers crossed. :-) Today is another long work day, so I am looking forward to a relaxing time away.

I hope you are all having good or at least reasonable days today - not too much pain - not too many other weird and wonderful fibro symptoms!



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Looks out of the window onto glorious sunshine ... It rained here all yesterday.. I knew it I am living a day ahead of everyone else that's why nothing makes sense and I am always expecting appts to happen on the wrong day...... So happy Saturday everyone and Kaz I hope you have a great weekend with your friend

Yours from the future( I won't reveal all and tell you what is going happen about your house )

VG x


So you are in the future VG havent quite come to terms with that. Puzzled expressin on gins face. Hope it is sunny with you xgins


Hmmm - are you sure you're a day ahead? We had beautiful sunshine yesterday - you have it today?

I DO hope that hasn't confused you too much :-D


I,m a day behind ..... Oh no then I have to through yesterday again to catch up.... Nooooooo or will that make me 2 days behind ...... No wonder I never know where I am or what I am supposed to be doing....

Goes away looking dejected :(


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