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Hi giuys ,not been on for a couple of weeks,I wanted to ask /say my mum has thyroid probs and has just been told sh has gentic cholesteral levels but becoz her dose of thyroxine isn't high enough she is at risk of heart attack/stroke etc also we seem to have a lot of similar symptoms and I was wondered if i actually hav same as her and no-one picked up on it or whther we do have 2 seperate conditions,also my sis has started showing similar to me and my mum ,any suggestions as docs are being pretty useless right now

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Go see GP, if you have different doctors in same surgery ring and ask which doctor specialises in heart defects thyroid ect. Mine has five , all GPs do have different things they specialise in . I see one for dermatology one for gynaecology ect. Go see the best one for your complaint take your mom or a family member with you. When you go be really assertive and request a referral to a specialist even if your doctor thinks your fine . Do your homework on Google before you see the GP so you know what to Say. Make notes of your family complaints in this particular concern . I have had same trouble with my GPs am getting good at finding a way now. Good luck and whatever you do ,, do not get complainsant about stuff. GPs are good at turning you away. I've had it for years. Since I discovered Google I've become a lot better at handling GPs and specialists . X


This article may help:

Asking for periodic retesting or re-referrals because of a family history is not unreasonable. Many conditions do not always show up in blood tests in the early stages so if there are reasons for concern (like family history or atypical symptoms) then retesting is very sensible.


thanks guys , I have told mum I would go and stay with her till I get her doctor sorted as she has seen 3 in the same surgery without any luck now.I too have been through so much and much better findig out stuff if iI need too,but don't know so much on the thyroid for her,but believe me I will and thanks again x


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