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What do I say to my GP

Hi everyone, I think I might have Fibromyalgia but don't know what to say to my GP. Every day I have pain in various parts of my body and I feel like I'm constantly moaning to my family daily about something hurting.. Like saying oh my elbow really hurts or my knee hurts, my back hurts, I feel like it's constant.. As the day goes on I suffer really painful nerve like pain on the top of my feet and ankles sometimes I feel like I have a tight elastic band round it and nothing g takes away the pain. I'm constantly using deep heat or freeze gel on parts of my body that hurt. I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac telling the Dr about all my aches and pains this has gone on for a few years now and I've been to the GP with various pains.. Back pain, elbow pain (which the Dr said was probably tennis elbow) also about nerve pain on top of my foot (I was given ibuprofen gel to rub on) I also suffer from sleep apnea but find it difficult to use the pap machine so lack of sleep doesn't help. I also have Dilated Cardiomyopathy which was diagnosed in 2006 after a clot was found in my heart.. Sorry for the long post I'm just needing advice on what to say to GP and to ask if this could possibly be fibromyalgia that I have.

Thank you

Diane x

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If you haven't been diagnosed I'd write a 3month pain diary then take it to your surgery and leave it for your Dr to read then make a double appointment and see what comes of it.