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Feeling useless

How am I feeling today???? Where to start, feeling sooo frustrated, useless and tired don't have no energy and just want to cry all the time. I use to be sooooo house proud my kids use to beg me to have a day off, my house is now a s.. t hole that I just can't manage to keep, my three sons are amazing but I just want to be a NORMAL MUM like I use to be.... Rant over SORRY GUYS x

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I was the same, I know we're ur coming from, and u notice it more wen ur to sick to do it, I always get told to do a little bit and often, that gets me know we're , it drives me mad, if I go all out and over do it, I end up shattered in bed early, then still in bed for a couple of days later, wen I get up the house is back were it started, the thing is no one in the house is bothered but me, but it's like torture to me, I feel lazy, I've even thought of getting a cleaning company in one day a week. In the end there's nothing u can do, u have to give up, just in a nice way say

Can u put ur washing in basket

Put ur dishes in sink

Could u just quickly polish

Etc etc etc

Maybe u could have one day a week clean up and just keep on asking everyone every day

Everyone moans at first but then they soon get used to it

What uv got to remember is it will never be the way it was when u done it, sorry we just have to get used to it, friends and family understand,



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Your right,I'm very lucky my eldest 25 does a lot since my surgery last year,I can't carry washing up stairs,lift hoover up and down I'd be loster my two younger ones 16 and 12 help also but as you said they tidy I clean.thanks x


Hi again

Listen if u feel like a moan and just to talk then private message me 🤗

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Thank you for your time x