I've had pain for at least 3yrs but been diagnosed today, I'm in chronic pain all the time.

I find it hard to lift myself up from bed most days ,sometimes I find quite a lot of things hard,I'm struggling it'd be nice if someone could give me some advice how to try and deal with this illness, most of all the pain I've been started on 10 mg of Amitriptyline, I've had custody of my 9 year old grandson, for 8 and a half years, finding it hard to do day-to-day things.

is there any support groups out there or is there anything you could help me with ease the pain things that have been good for you

Thank you for listening


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  • Hi the best way i have dealth with this awfull illness is get a good Doctor its most important as i didnt have and it makes the condition worse i have changed Docs and now have a good 1 i know you can feel isolated and alone i worked full time family run buissness it broke my heart but i had to get rid of it and think about my health im 44 and only got bad last november this years been the hardest of my life half the time i think im just going to drop down dead haha i hope this helps and if you need help with yourself or grandson get in touch with local social services and they will help hugs to you Blono x

  • Thank you so much ,hope your feeling better today

    Andrea x

  • Iim still in pain but hopefully my rhumy will give me more info when a go back shud be any time just waiting for app letter X i take pregablin mitrazipine and meloxicam plus paracetamol its not geting rid of pain just easing it or a take zomorph tabs as wel X

  • Hello , the best thing for pain is to get your meds right and I use hi strength ibuprofen cream and I buy adept relief one from Asda / sainsbury and it's very good. The other thing is get a hobby or distraction something you really enjoy . Also when you get into a flare up take your meds every four hours , for a couple of days . I'm always here if you need a chat or some comfort . Take care 😇

  • thank you so much,it so nice to no there are people who really care

    thanks again

    Andrea x

  • Your welcome x

  • thank you so much

    your all very kind

    it helps to talk

    Andrea x

  • Hi Andrea, I,m so sorry to hear you are struggling like this. 10mg of amitryptiline is not going to control your pain Hun. You need something else to help too. I also take it,but I have been told by my doctor to increase if neccessary. I also have tramadol for those really tough days. But speak to your GP about other pain relief for fibro, there are several pain relief options available, it,s all about finding the right one for you. Ask to be referred to the pain clinic if neccessary .most importantly see a GP who will listen to you and who understands fibro. Take care Hun. Marlene x

  • Thank you so much Marlene, I am planning to make an appointment to see doctor this week thanks for the information hope you're well Andrea xx

  • Let us know how you get on Hun. X

  • I always find if you write stuff down on list you wont forget some thing X

  • im the same hun it a night mare just wish it would go away