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In a rut

I went to the doctors the other day hoping for some good news, maybe a new medication that would give me some maybe painfree days, but my doctor who has been really good, changing my medication combinations and doses, but she just said that whatever you take is not going to make a difference as nothing will work for fybromyalgia, she just said that you just need to try and put up with the pain. I came home and cried my eyes out, and thought this is my life now just 24/7 hours of pain. I work part time as a cleaner 3 hrs a day, but it is making my condition worse, I dont know if I would be better off going on the sick or maybe see what other benefit I can get so I can finish work. Can anybody give me any advice please?

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Hi, Sorry to read about your difficulties. Your GP has done her best, but it sounds as if her best is not enough. Stress doesn't help either. You do have options and could get a second opinion with a GP or ask to be referred to a Pain Clinic or Rheumatologist. Best to err on the side of caution and also focus on what you will be comfortable with and what route you want to take. Pacing, anti-inflammatory foods, supplements like magnesium etc., can also help some. As you know it is individual, and a long haul. It's such a massive area

Asfaras benefits, you can get good advice from Turn2Us, CAB, a Union, a Disability Charity such as DAP, if you do decide that work is too much for you and adding to your pain and health problems be careful about not handing in your notice, find out your rights, as medical retirement may be in place, options could be sick leave sliding over to ESA also PIP, depending on your individual circumstances. The more information you gather at this difficult time the better, so that you can make informed choices on what is best for you.

Take Care, Alice


Or god sounds like you have lot going on i used to work full time but i simly cudnt manage it anymore try go Docs explain things n see what they say i know the feeling of being in pain all time its awfull X