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At the end of my tether!!

For years I had been going to the doctors for different complaints, blood test after blood test, scan after scan to be told oh theres nothing wrong with you, they just gave me something for my complaints. A few years ago I changed to a different doctors surgery, my new doctor was very supportive and I was finally diagnosed with fybromyalgia, I also have dyspraxia, asthma, dyslexia and rheumatoid arthritis at the bottom of my spine. I take loads of different painkillers, anti depressants, nothing seems to help, I get up tired, go to bed tired, fall asleep all the time, I work 3 hours a day cleaning, and that kills me, the job centre wants me to find a full time job but I physically am not able to, I was wondering if I could get pip or even if they recognise fybromyalgia as a proper illness? I just need help, I'm at the end of my tether.

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I applied for ESA and got 0 points in the WCA mainly due to the assessor lying! The job centre is supposed to take into account any illness/disability you have. I can't travel on public transport and I can only walk for about 10 minutes before my legs give up, my client commitment says I have to look for part-time work in my local area and that was only because I have an understanding advisor, there's another advisor I see sometimes and she is really harsh, nothing I do is right according to her. You can ask to have your client commitment rules changed, if your advisor won't do it ask to speak to the manager or get your local MP or AM onto it. Hope that's some help.


Hi hun, fibromyalgia is an illness and a horrible one at that, job center also tried this with me and trust me lots of people are going through the same thing as you, I'm on PIP now but I've got to say it's FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT all the way. I'm the same go bed knackard get up knackard no energy for anything. Hugs