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Fibromyalgia Support in Wales
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Hello from keels67

Hi everybody, I'm a fibromyalgia sufferer , interested in hearing and exchanging views hints and tips on day to day living I was diagnosed about six months ago after nearly three years and every test and scan the medical profession could try .I had a AC/DF operation last year as I had spinal issues though this helped it in no way cured my condition but I do have a neck scar that is always a conversation starter .After I saw a lovely physiotherapy / specialist was diagnosed .I remember I could have cried as its a long road from investigation to diagnosis and I'm convinced there were quite a few pull yourself together appointments which had I the energy or mobility I would of .I look forward to hearing. Everyone's stories .Thanks for welcoming me

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Hi hun, I've been down that road that never ends too, I had open heart surgery last year out the blue at 46,test after test MRI scans etc I know that feeling but few months after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis in my spine. We feel soooo frustrated useless and worthless, which is not a nice feeling there is LOTS of support here to air your feelings and even rant. Sending hugs


Hi Keels67, I have been a long time sufferer of Fibro. I found that keeping the muscles mobile helps the stiffness and pain. I had done water aerobics 5x a week for years which allowed me to exercise w/o pain as well as keeping myself moving. Because of the anxiety and agoraphobia the last several years, I stopped water exercise and I can feel the difference. Addressing stress is imperative when you have Fibro as well as hydrating during the day. The hydration helps lubricate the muscular skeletal system reducing pain. Relaxation techniques helps as well. I have never had a problem with loss of energy or mobility. I am able to do a lot of the housework w/o a problem. Even love shoveling snow w/o a problem but cannot use a broom because it tightens the muscles in the upper body. There are days that I may overdo knowing I will pay for it the following day. This is what was handed to me in life and I have always made the best of it. At the beginning it was a very hard diagnosis to accept. I felt I had lost my way of life. With counseling I found that it was just a different lifestyle I would have to accept. Getting my anxiety under control has helped immensely. I am not on any medication and never have been for the Fibro. I hope you find ways that will help you with your pain. Sending you "gentle hugs"....