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Hello, I have been diagnosed with FIBRO last week. I have been ill since 2012. Have applied for ESA four times over the last four years and been refused the enhanced amount four times. I have been refused PIP once and waiting for a manitory appeal decision. DSS now know I have Fibro. Am I filling in the form wrong? or saying something wrong? please advise.

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Hi bcourt, I am so sorry to hear you have recently been diagnosed with Fibro! I have suffered with this illness for many years and find this Forum a great support and comfort to me! You are more than welcome to Mail me or PM me @ anytime if I can be of any help to you?!

There are some wonderful, helpful, empathetic Members on this Forum, who are more than willing to help & support you through this illness, you are never alone?!

My heart goes out to you, it sincerely does, as I know how this dreaded, insidious illness effects our lives?!

I hope this message finds you as well as can be expected?

Sending you positive, healing, comforting, soothing vibes.

Many blessing

Lopploo X :)


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