hi ,all I am new to this , 13 years ago I was diagnosed with throat cancer which left me with a muscle removed from my right shoulder , and no saliva glands , I was off work for eighteen months but was determine not to let it beat me . I returned to work as a hgv mechanic which is a very physical job ,18 months back I had developed pains all over and severe tiredness we just thought it was maybe to do with the cancer it at first would last for about 4-5 weeks .the last 4 months I am in constant pain and

always very tired . I used to play badmington twice a week against lads 20 years younger than me , now

I get tired walking to the garden . I have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia . so if anyone can give me any advise I will be very grateful thanks Andy

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  • I just wrote you a long note and it got lost. So the short version is it's amazing that you survived throat cancer and fibromyalgia is not life threatening and can be managed with exercise (especially yoga) and medication. Find my post to Raking 223 I just wrote recently. Jaylee3131. Hope it helps a bit. Let me know if you find my post. Humps is an unusual name. What is your real name please?

  • hi , my name is andy Humphreys . in work the lads called me humps .thanks for replying .I will look at your post

  • If you cannot find the post just check out my bio.

  • PS. Hi Randy. My name is Jane.

  • Oops Andy! I live in North Myrtle Beach SC.

  • Did you read my bio about fibromyalgia. Hopefully it will help. Jaylee 3131, Jane 😊🙄

  • sorry have had a rough few days just finding the energy to look .seems I have a good day and then days of pain and fatigue follow. thanks for taking the trouble jane take care .andy

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