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IBS or Fibromyalgia?

Hi, I'm looking for advice/ help.

I suffer from some symptoms of IBS, bloating and constipation, but about every 2/3 weeks, maybe a couple of times a month, I suffer from severe fatigue. My body feels really heavy and I can't get out of a chair without help. Is this IBS or Fibromyalgia? Does anyone else have similar symptoms? I've tried FODMAP, and have been given various medications, but I'm not sure what to do next?

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Hi their iv just read this post on honestly in my opinion it doesn't sound like fibro at all. Fibro is so much more than constipation and fatuige. It's wide spread pain and I mean pain that does not go away nor is it received or eased with painkillers including pain just by light pressure and feeling more pain than the healthy person ie if a fibro stubbed their toe it would hurt more and the pain lasts for a few minutes if a healthy person done it's a quick wince and carry on. The fatuige is allways their due to the lack of sleep or REM deep sleep that you need to feel rested

I could go on and on and on with the symptoms but if it's just the symptoms you have shared that are troubling you then I don't think it's fibro. People tend to underestimate the seemingly small illness like IBS any kind of irritation to the body can cause mayhem and wreak havoc so you will.feel fatuige and in pain you will be tens so your muscles start to ache ever done a work out and not cooled down? Lactic acid build up really hurts and it's quite similar to tensing your muscles for long periods of time

Get checked for IBS coeliac s disease, do some research as some symptom say not be so toms to you anymore as you're so used to them by now it's part of your life. Hope you help and get the correct treatment for your problems :)