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fibro pain

hi am new to this site, am looking for answers i was looking up information about fibromyalgia which i have had for over 20 years. i stay in pain every single day , it is the worst thing ever. i tried all kinds of pain medication but it just makes me very sleepy and unable to do anything. i only work part-time and the days am off am in so much pain fron working only a couple of days i can,t enjoy myself and family time.i hope one day they find help for us people who have this condition because it is no fun , i also have osteoartheritis as well and that don,t help either . i have pain in my fingers and my hip i wish i could get a disabilty check and be able to stop working because the work i do makes my symtoms worst.

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How old are you? I have those symptoms plus a few other. I'm 55 and

I'm on disability. I'm not sure where you live but there are attorneys that handle this. I totally understand and there's nothing to take that will help.

I wish I had better news for you.

Good luck to you


Hi Linniebur: Thanks for being upfront and honest. You're right in that there is nothing to take that will help. It's a matter of saying "goodbye" to the life we knew and accept a different kind of life. The pain can get bad at times and it seems like the older I get, the more other diseases and disorders complicates the Fibro. The one thing I found to have helped me was water exercise. As long as I was in the water I felt pain free but as soon as I got on land, the pain returned. I am hoping one day science will come up with a medication or treatment to help the newly diagnosed patients with Fibro. Wishing us all the best with what we've been dealt. It could be worse.


Please read my reply to Raking 223. I am Jaylee 3131. I just wrote the reply just recently. I hope this helps you too!


I've been through getting disability and it's difficult. The physician who was to approve the disability was doing the exam. He started poking for trigger points like I was a piece of meat and really hurt me. I started to cry and he could care less! So I blasted him for treating his patients with no care or compassion. So instead of crying and backing down I got angry and let him know I feel pain, I am human, and he was no better than me. (I did not use foul language) but he knew he crossed the line. We are not to abused by anybody ever! I did get my disability. It takes time. Months to a year or so. Maybe a disability lawyer can help you. Usually you have to pay them a percentage after you have been approved. Sometimes you have to go through disability exams a number of times because they are trying to weed out the fakes and frauds. Hope this helps!