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Frustration isn't the word!

Hi, I'm 23 years of age. I've had pain from a young age and no-one has ever been able to help or believe me. My family just though I was lazy and I would skip Physical education because my legs would get so bad. I sought out a sports massage therapist to help with my back problems (after 3 years of doctors appointments telling me there was nothing wrong.) He went on to tell me I had damaged muscles in my lower back and a minor slipped disc near my shoulder. I would pay £30 a month to keep my back in check. I had a good 6-9 months in 2013 got engaged and we were looking for a house. In March-ish time I'm in work and feel a stitch and think walk it off.

As the days and weeks go on the pain seems to be getting worse (All kinds of pain mainly in my left rib and all down my left side going into my belly button.)

Having to take time off work because the pain is so bad and back and fore doctors and meeting with work. I am still no closer to a diagnosis. I've sought help from a therapist who suffers from fibro and she believes that I also have this condition and as of today my doctor in work also thinks so.

Pain killers don't seem to help - i'm currently taking Tramadol, co-dydromol, Arcoxia, Neurontin and Lansoprazole.

I'm tired all of the time and its a struggle sometimes to just get to the toilet. I am so frustrated in my own body. I'm also getting things confused and dizzy (fibro fog?)

I just want to know if anyone who is diagnosed with this thinks I have it?

All of my test results point me to being the healthiest person alive! So why am I in so much pain all of the time?

Just seeking a little help on how to get diagnosed (without a diagnosis i'm definitely going to lose my job and that is the LAST thing I want.)

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I'm in the same situation I can't even write I'm going to a neurologist soon hope he can help me i hope u find a answer I know its hard

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OMG, I know exactly how you feel. I'm in pain daily. Don't know what it feels like to be pain free. I'm on pain meds and still feel the pain. Besides being over weight the doctors say I'm healthy. I say I can't be if I'm in all this pain.

Hope things get better soon....

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Am the same too always on pain ect 5 years I have been lime it and am still without out a dignosis my my also has fibro so it is looking lime I have it too doctors are leaning towards fibromyalgia. But not sure if it is arthritis. Threw out my body .