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First ivf try but had fluid Fallopian tube

Hi all,

Sad news for me and husband. We been ttc for 4 years and last year diagnosed with both Fallopian tube blocked and had a surgery to open both but after few months it was block again. Super sad and frustrating.

So ivf was the only way. Started my ivf cycles on 30/12/18 and I had low AMH which thankfully only managed to have 3 follicles. Yesterday was the day of egg retrieval and there’s was 3 eggs. This coming Sunday will be another consultation regarding how many embryo are healthy.

However, the doctor sees thru ultrasound that there’s fluid on my Fallopian tube and it’s not recommended to transfer fresh embryo which leads another problem. The doctor suggested that to clamps both my Fallopian tube before transferring any embryo.

Does this ever happened to anyone? Emotional I really drained and more problems seems never ended for me.

Will the success rate higher if I clamps my tube for the transfer? But how long can I wait for the transfer?

And how long does the clamps procedure takes?

Please comment if you have any advice.


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Oh honey, i'm sorry you're going through this. They always recommend some less invasive procedures before pushing one onto IVF route. So I think you did right when tried surgery first. Unfortunately it didn't work. But at least you know you did this try and it cannot be counted on any more. I truly believe you've produced 3 super healthy eggs for the procedure. And whatever the result will be, do not underestimate your little guys!! I'm personally a text book of infertility treatments. We did multiple medicated cycles, OE IVFs, DE IVFs. When I conceived baby#1 they placed back 2 4BB embies, one vanished.another one resulted in adorable DS. But all the previouss times they transferred A drades dramatically ended in BFN!! So you never know the God's and nature's plan for you..Sometimes it's really tricky. I'm sorry I cannot be of much help on your particular condition with tubes. But hoping you'll find more answers soon. All the very best of luck and support ahead xx


Hi, thanks for the reply. Finger cross for health embroys this Sunday news.

I just hate to received bad news after one and another. Wonder if tied tube better than clamps. Couldn’t find any answers or people who already experienced the same as me.

Thanks again


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